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package v1alpha1
import (
apiextensionsv1beta1 ""
metav1 ""
// NewAWSConfigCRD returns a new custom resource definition for AWSConfig. This
// might look something like the following.
// apiVersion:
// kind: CustomResourceDefinition
// metadata:
// name:
// spec:
// group:
// scope: Namespaced
// version: v1alpha1
// names:
// kind: AWSConfig
// plural: awsconfigs
// singular: awsconfig
// subresources:
// status: {}
func NewAWSConfigCRD() *apiextensionsv1beta1.CustomResourceDefinition {
return &apiextensionsv1beta1.CustomResourceDefinition{
TypeMeta: metav1.TypeMeta{
APIVersion: apiextensionsv1beta1.SchemeGroupVersion.String(),
Kind: "CustomResourceDefinition",
ObjectMeta: metav1.ObjectMeta{
Name: "",
Spec: apiextensionsv1beta1.CustomResourceDefinitionSpec{
Group: "",
Scope: "Namespaced",
Version: "v1alpha1",
Names: apiextensionsv1beta1.CustomResourceDefinitionNames{
Kind: "AWSConfig",
Plural: "awsconfigs",
Singular: "awsconfig",
Subresources: &apiextensionsv1beta1.CustomResourceSubresources{
Status: &apiextensionsv1beta1.CustomResourceSubresourceStatus{},
// +genclient
type AWSConfig struct {
metav1.TypeMeta `json:",inline"`
metav1.ObjectMeta `json:"metadata"`
Spec AWSConfigSpec `json:"spec"`
Status AWSConfigStatus `json:"status" yaml:"status"`
type AWSConfigSpec struct {
Cluster Cluster `json:"cluster" yaml:"cluster"`
AWS AWSConfigSpecAWS `json:"aws" yaml:"aws"`
VersionBundle AWSConfigSpecVersionBundle `json:"versionBundle" yaml:"versionBundle"`
type AWSConfigSpecAWS struct {
API AWSConfigSpecAWSAPI `json:"api" yaml:"api"`
// TODO remove the deprecated AZ field due to AvailabilityZones.
AZ string `json:"az" yaml:"az"`
// AvailabilityZones is the number of AWS availability zones used to spread
// the tenant cluster's worker nodes across. There are limitations on
// availability zone settings due to binary IP range splitting and provider
// specific region capabilities. When for instance choosing 3 availability
// zones, the configured IP range will be split into 4 ranges and thus one of
// it will not be able to be utilized. Such limitations have to be considered
// when designing the network topology and configuring tenant cluster HA via
// AvailabilityZones.
// The selection and usage of the actual availability zones for the created
// tenant cluster is randomized. In case there are 4 availability zones
// provided in the used region and the user selects 2 availability zones, the
// actually used availability zones in which tenant cluster workload is put
// into will tend to be different across tenant cluster creations. This is
// done in order to provide more HA during single availability zone failures.
// In case a specific availability zone fails, not all tenant clusters will be
// affected due to the described selection process.
AvailabilityZones int `json:"availabilityZones" yaml:"availabilityZones"`
CredentialSecret CredentialSecret `json:"credentialSecret" yaml:"credentialSecret"`
Etcd AWSConfigSpecAWSEtcd `json:"etcd" yaml:"etcd"`
// HostedZones is AWS hosted zones names in the host cluster account.
// For each zone there will be "CLUSTER_ID.k8s" NS record created in
// the host cluster account. Then for each created NS record there will
// be a zone created in the guest account. After that component
// specific records under those zones:
// - api.CLUSTER_ID.k8s.{{ .Spec.AWS.HostedZones.API.Name }}
// - etcd.CLUSTER_ID.k8s.{{ .Spec.AWS.HostedZones.Etcd.Name }}
// - ingress.CLUSTER_ID.k8s.{{ .Spec.AWS.HostedZones.Ingress.Name }}
// - *.CLUSTER_ID.k8s.{{ .Spec.AWS.HostedZones.Ingress.Name }}
HostedZones AWSConfigSpecAWSHostedZones `json:"hostedZones" yaml:"hostedZones"`
Ingress AWSConfigSpecAWSIngress `json:"ingress" yaml:"ingress"`
Masters []AWSConfigSpecAWSNode `json:"masters" yaml:"masters"`
Region string `json:"region" yaml:"region"`
VPC AWSConfigSpecAWSVPC `json:"vpc" yaml:"vpc"`
Workers []AWSConfigSpecAWSNode `json:"workers" yaml:"workers"`
// AWSConfigSpecAWSAPI deprecated since aws-operator v12 resources.
type AWSConfigSpecAWSAPI struct {
HostedZones string `json:"hostedZones" yaml:"hostedZones"`
ELB AWSConfigSpecAWSAPIELB `json:"elb" yaml:"elb"`
// AWSConfigSpecAWSAPIELB deprecated since aws-operator v12 resources.
type AWSConfigSpecAWSAPIELB struct {
IdleTimeoutSeconds int `json:"idleTimeoutSeconds" yaml:"idleTimeoutSeconds"`
// AWSConfigSpecAWSEtcd deprecated since aws-operator v12 resources.
type AWSConfigSpecAWSEtcd struct {
HostedZones string `json:"hostedZones" yaml:"hostedZones"`
ELB AWSConfigSpecAWSEtcdELB `json:"elb" yaml:"elb"`
// AWSConfigSpecAWSEtcdELB deprecated since aws-operator v12 resources.
type AWSConfigSpecAWSEtcdELB struct {
IdleTimeoutSeconds int `json:"idleTimeoutSeconds" yaml:"idleTimeoutSeconds"`
type AWSConfigSpecAWSHostedZones struct {
API AWSConfigSpecAWSHostedZonesZone `json:"api" yaml:"api"`
Etcd AWSConfigSpecAWSHostedZonesZone `json:"etcd" yaml:"etcd"`
Ingress AWSConfigSpecAWSHostedZonesZone `json:"ingress" yaml:"ingress"`
type AWSConfigSpecAWSHostedZonesZone struct {
Name string `json:"name" yaml:"name"`
// AWSConfigSpecAWSIngress deprecated since aws-operator v12 resources.
type AWSConfigSpecAWSIngress struct {
HostedZones string `json:"hostedZones" yaml:"hostedZones"`
ELB AWSConfigSpecAWSIngressELB `json:"elb" yaml:"elb"`
// AWSConfigSpecAWSIngressELB deprecated since aws-operator v12 resources.
type AWSConfigSpecAWSIngressELB struct {
IdleTimeoutSeconds int `json:"idleTimeoutSeconds" yaml:"idleTimeoutSeconds"`
type AWSConfigSpecAWSNode struct {
ImageID string `json:"imageID" yaml:"imageID"`
InstanceType string `json:"instanceType" yaml:"instanceType"`
DockerVolumeSizeGB int `json:"dockerVolumeSizeGB" yaml:"dockerVolumeSizeGB"`
type AWSConfigSpecAWSVPC struct {
CIDR string `json:"cidr" yaml:"cidr"`
PrivateSubnetCIDR string `json:"privateSubnetCidr" yaml:"privateSubnetCidr"`
PublicSubnetCIDR string `json:"publicSubnetCidr" yaml:"publicSubnetCidr"`
RouteTableNames []string `json:"routeTableNames" yaml:"routeTableNames"`
PeerID string `json:"peerId" yaml:"peerId"`
type AWSConfigSpecVersionBundle struct {
Version string `json:"version" yaml:"version"`
type AWSConfigStatus struct {
AWS AWSConfigStatusAWS `json:"aws" yaml:"aws"`
Cluster StatusCluster `json:"cluster" yaml:"cluster"`
type AWSConfigStatusAWS struct {
AvailabilityZones []AWSConfigStatusAWSAvailabilityZone `json:"availabilityZones" yaml:"availabilityZones"`
AutoScalingGroup AWSConfigStatusAWSAutoScalingGroup `json:"autoScalingGroup" yaml:"autoScalingGroup"`
type AWSConfigStatusAWSAutoScalingGroup struct {
Name string `json:"name"`
type AWSConfigStatusAWSAvailabilityZone struct {
Name string `json:"name" yaml:"name"`
Subnet AWSConfigStatusAWSAvailabilityZoneSubnet `json:"subnet" yaml:"subnet"`
type AWSConfigStatusAWSAvailabilityZoneSubnet struct {
Private AWSConfigStatusAWSAvailabilityZoneSubnetPrivate `json:"private" yaml:"private"`
Public AWSConfigStatusAWSAvailabilityZoneSubnetPublic `json:"public" yaml:"public"`
type AWSConfigStatusAWSAvailabilityZoneSubnetPrivate struct {
CIDR string `json:"cidr" yaml:"cidr"`
type AWSConfigStatusAWSAvailabilityZoneSubnetPublic struct {
CIDR string `json:"cidr" yaml:"cidr"`
type AWSConfigList struct {
metav1.TypeMeta `json:",inline"`
metav1.ListMeta `json:"metadata"`
Items []AWSConfig `json:"items"`
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