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Giant Swarm Documentation Source

This is the source for all Giant Swarm documentation.

Go to for the production version of our documentation. That version also includes integrated search.


This repository is public to facilitate content quality and encourage contributions. We appreciate all contributions, including corrections and suggestions for improvement.

The best way to contribute changes are pull requests. Please note the following regarding pull requests:

  • Please make one pull request per topic/issue. Avoid putting several non-related issues in a single pull request!

  • When doing a pull request, please remember you accept that your contribution will be published under the Creative Commons referenced below. Giant Swarm will be able to use your content without restriction. Giant Swarm is not obliged to list you as the author of your contribution, but will attempt to do so where possible.

Questions, comments and content requests can be addressed by adding an issue to this repository.

Content from external repositories

The file mentions additional (public) repositories with content to appear on the website. This file has one entry per line, with space-separated fields. The first field is the URI of the git repository to integrate. The second field is the target path in docs-content.


The content in this repository is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike license.

For attribution, please use either:

  • Giant Swarm

and link, if possible, to