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Fluentd -> Loki helm recipe

  1. Download the helm chart

  2. Configure the chart.

  • Resources and limits can be tuned
  • Fluentd config can be changed too and provide a different one
  • Authentication can be setup
Parameter Description Default
resources.limits.cpu CPU limit 100m
resources.limits.memory Memory limit 200Mi
resources.requests.cpu CPU request 100m
resources.requests.memory Memory request 200Mi
loki.username Loki username nil
loki.password Loki Password nil
loki.url Loki API Url nil
fluentdConfig Fluentd configuration example configuration
  1. Install the chart
helm install --name=fluentd-loki ./ --set loki.username=<LOKI_USERNAME> loki.password=<LOKI_PASSWORD>
  1. Check logs of fluentd pods. They should display messages like
[g8s-fluentd-loki-g2xhn] 2018-02-21 21:58:12 +0000 [info]: stats - namespace_cache_size: 1, pod_cache_size: 3, namespace_cache_api_updates: 3, pod_cache_api_updates: 3, id_cache_miss: 3
  1. Log should be seen in Grafana Explore with Loki datasource.
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