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Web user interface for Giant Swarm Kubernetes as a Service
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The Giant Swarm web user interface. It lets users:

  • View and manage clusters
  • Manage their account
  • Add / remove organizations
  • Add / remove members from organizations
  • Learn how to get started with their kubernetes clusters by following a guide

Happa is intended to be deployed to Giant Swarm control planes and acts as a client to the Giant Swarm API.

Screenshot of Happa

Happa is a single page JavaScript application using React+Redux and runs in modern browsers.

Getting started with development / demoing

Happa has to talk to an API endpoint. It used to be possible to change a locally running happa's configuration to talk to any API server. This has since been restricted with CORS accept headers.

The only option now is to bring up the API suite locally, or demo happa running on one of our installations.

Bring up the API suite locally

This requires Docker and docker-compose, and access to our private api repo. Currently only Giant Swarm employees are able to see that repo. We're considering open sourcing it.

Start the api and dependencies first by going to the api repo and running the dockercompose file in the testing folder there:

cd $GOPATH/src/
make aws
make up

Notice the make aws command in that example? There is also make azure and make kvm to create a docker-compose file that sets up the API and other microservices as if they were on these types of installations.

As part of make up, ./ will run and create the initial user and organization you can log in with.

You should now be able to start happa's development server from within this (giantswarm/happa) repo like so:

docker-compose up --build

It can take a minute or two for dependencies to be available. Wait for a line like : Compiled successfully. to appear in the console. This shows that the dev server is ready to handle requests.

Then visit http://localhost:7000/

Any code changes should cause the browser to reload automatically.

Once everything is up you can log in as with password as your password.

If you want to test out things like the forgot password feature, all e-mail ends up in the mailcatcher app running at http://localhost:1080/

Tear down the dev / demo environment

Hit Ctrl-C to escape from docker-compose log output.

Use docker-compose stop to stop containers or docker-compose down to remove them.

Running tests

We have a few tests, and are adding more. Run them with yarn test


Commits to the master branch are continuously deployed to Giant Swarm test installations. Tagged releases are continuously deployed to all installations.

Building / Running locally

If you want to test locally make production will build and run Happa's production container.

Happa makes use of the development container to produce production assets. The production container then takes those assets and serves them using nginx.

The build process is as follows:

  1. Build the development container make docker-build-dev

  2. Create production assets using the development container (grunt build), save them in the dist folder. make dist

  3. Create the production container make docker-build-prod


Use environment variables to adjust the behavior of this application in production.

Variable Name Description Default
API_ENDPOINT URL to Giant Swarm's API.
PASSAGE_ENDPOINT URL to Passage, which helps users when they lose their password or have been invited to create an account.
INGRESS_BASE_DOMAIN The ingress base domain of the installation that Happa is on. This affects the getting started guide.
AWS_CAPABILITIES_JSON A JSON array representing all the details of AWS instance types. This has been extracted so that we have a single point of truth for this information
AZURE_CAPABILITIES_JSON A JSON array representing all the details of Azure vm sizes. This has been extracted so that we have a single point of truth for this information
ENVIRONMENT A string that indicates where Happa is running. development

These environment variables affect the config object in index.html. A startup script ( applies the values from the environment variables to index.html by editing the file. This way Happa remains a fully static website that can be served by nginx.

In development, environment variables are not applied. This is because the development container does not start in the same way that the production container does.

Redux in a nutshell

╔═════════╗       ╔══════════╗       ╔═══════════╗       ╔═════════════════╗
║ Actions ║──────>║ Reducers ║──────>║   Store   ║──────>║ View Components ║
╚═════════╝       ╚══════════╝       ╚═══════════╝       ╚═════════════════╝
     ^                                                           │

Components should only emit actions.

Reducers listen for actions and emit a new state.

The view listens for changes to the state and renders.

By following these guidelines we should get some benefits in keeping component logic focused on rendering, and not on doing the actual work of manipulating state.


Happa uses a custom icon pack which we can manage at Login details are in keypass, search for 'fortawesome'. The <script src=""></script> line in index.html is what includes the file for us.

More information about our font kit and how to use it can be found here:

Checking for outdated dependencies

To see what dependencies have updates run make npm-check-updates

Code Style

Happa's Code Style is determined by prettier. Please make sure files in the src directory have passed through prettier before committing them to the repo.

A CI step will enforce that this has happened, failing the CI if it detects that prettier would make any changes.

You can run prettier on the whole codebase using yarn run prettier.

We use the following config params:

  • --jsx-single-quote
  • --single-quote
  • --trailing-comma es5

Pre commit hooks

To avoid pushing code that will fail the CI due to codestyle issues, you can add the following as a pre-commit hook.


git diff --name-only --cached | grep "\.js$"

if [ $? -eq 0 ]; then
  make validate-prettier

To add a pre-commit hook, save the above as a file called pre-commit in the .git/hooks folder.

Make sure it has has 0755 as the permission.

Publishing a Release

See docs/

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