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title: "Appendices"
<div class="title_main"> Appendices</div>
<br />
<span class="indent1"> <a href="avatarnaming.htm"> Avatar Naming Schemes </a></span><br />
<span class="indent1"> <a href="charactercreation.htm"> Character Creation </a></span><br />
<span class="indent1"> CLUA Console </span><br />
<span class="indent2"> <a href="clua/bg1.htm"> BG1: TotS </a> || <a href="clua/bg2.htm"> BG2: ToB </a> || <a href="clua/bgee.htm"> BG(2): EE </a> || <a href="clua/iwd.htm"> IWD1: TotL </a> || <a href="clua/iwd2.htm"> IWD2 </a></span><br />
<span class="indent1"> <a href="colourgradients.htm"> Colour Gradients </a></span><br />
<span class="indent1"> <a href="monk_fists.htm"> BG2: Monk Fist Data </a> </span><br />
<span class="indent1"> Tokens </span><br />
<span class="indent2"> <a href="token_lists/bg1tokens.htm"> BG1 </a> || <a href="token_lists/bg2tokens.htm"> BG2 </a> || <a href="token_lists/bgeetokens.htm"> BG(2): EE </a> || <a href="token_lists/iwd1tokens.htm"> IWD1 </a> || <a href="token_lists/iwd2tokens.htm"> IWD2 </a></span><br />
<span class="indent1"> Filename Mappings: </span><br />
<span class="indent2"> Areas </span><br />
<span class="indent3"> <a href="area_lists/bg1aref.htm"> BG1: TotS </a> || <a href="area_lists/bg2aref.htm"> BG2: ToB </a> || <a href="area_lists/iwd1aref.htm"> IWD1: TotL </a> || <a href="area_lists/pstaref.htm"> PST </a></span><br />
<span class="indent2"> Misc. Abilities </span><br />
<span class="indent3"> <a href="bg2kitabilities.htm"> BG2: Kit Abilities </a> || <a href="spell_lists/tobhlbabilities.htm"> BG2: HLA's </a></span><br />
<span class="indent2"> Spells </span><br />
<span class="indent3"> <a href="spell_lists/totsspells.htm"> BG1: TotS </a> || <a href="spell_lists/tobspells.htm"> BG2: ToB </a> || <a href="spell_lists/pstspells.htm"> PST </a> || <a href="spell_lists/totlspells.htm"> IWD: TotL </a> || <a href="spell_lists/iwd2spells.htm"> IWD2 </a></span><br />
<span class="indent2"> Traps </span><br />
<span class="indent3"> <a href="totstraps.htm"> BG1: TotS </a> || <a href="soatraps.htm"> BG2 </a></span><br />
<span class="indent1"> Misc.</span><br />
<span class="indent2"> <a href="effect_application_order.htm"> Effect Application Order </a> || <a href="override.htm"> Override Folders </a> || <a href="timing_modes.htm"> Timing Modes </a> || <a href="timers.htm"> Understanding Timers </a> || <a href="search.htm"> Search map colours </a> || <a href="height.htm"> Height map explanation </a> || <a href="steal_pockets.htm">Stealing & Pick Pockets pseudocode</a> || <a href="variables.htm"> Variables </a></span><br />
<span class="indent1"> <a href="terms.htm"> Glossary </a></span><br />
<br />