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  • Support for Bower
  • Component pickers are now aligned under the input, not the add-on element.
  • Japanese locale now has "today" and "format".
  • "remove" method removes .data().date if the datepicker is on a non-input.
  • Events on initialized elements are no longer blocked from bubbling up the DOM ( et al can now catch the events).
  • Component triggers now include .btn in addition to .add-on.
  • Updates to README contents.


Initial release:

  • format option
  • weekStart option
  • calendarWeeks option
  • startDate / endDate options
  • daysOfWeekDisabled option
  • autoclose option
  • startView / mnViewMode options
  • todayBtn / todayHighlight options
  • keyboardNavigation option
  • language option
  • forceParse option