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cdcc - Compile flags database generating compiler wrapper

A wrapper for C/C++ compilers, e.g. GCC and clang, that will collect compile flags used into a sqlite3 database, from which compile_commands.json files can be generated.


Collect compile flags during compilation

Use cdcc-cc instead of your preferred c/c++ compiler. Which compiler will be invoked is controlled via the suffix of the name the binary is executed with, i.e. cdcc-gcc (as a symlink to cdcc-cc) will call gcc.

The default location for the database is $HOME/.cache/cdcc.db; it can be controlled via the CDCC_DB environment variable.

Generation of compile_commands.json

The compile_commands.json file can be generated from the database via cdcc-gen <PATH>. The generated file will be place inside <PATH>.


To use ccdc with JHBuild put the following snippet in your ~/.config/jhbuildrc file.

if spawn.find_executable('cdcc-gcc') is not None:
	os.environ['CC'] = 'cdcc-gcc'
	os.environ['CXX'] = 'cdcc-g++'