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Quotes Generator

I'd like to note that this project has reached end-of-life. Although the project will not be archived so it is easier to discover, it will no longer be maintained or updated, and has recieved its last update on March 22, 2020. If you would like to add an update, please submit a pull request and this notice will be updated accordingly.

This small webapp generates quotes in a website. It was originally created in 2017 by Gideon Tong following a freeCodeCamp tutorial and basic guidelines, as well as utilizing Google's Materialize CSS framework to create a beautiful website. It was later updated in 2020 to reach end-of-life status and create a static website that could easily be remixed by others should they choose to.

You can view the live website here.

For beginners: if you'd like to update this project, look into how to make this website mobile friendly. You'll learn something new about CSS, and the website will look a little better. Don't just add quotes (even if that's all you want to do!).

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