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Microphone plugin for Gideros

Use this plugin to record to an audio clip using a connected microphone.

Reference, sampleRate, numChannels, bitsPerSample) Creates a new Microphone object.

deviceName - (string): The name of the device. Passing nil or an empty string will pick the default device.

sampleRate - (number): Sample rate of the recording. This value should be between 4000 and 44100.

numChannels - (number): Number of channels. This value can be 1 for mono and 2 for stereo.

bitsPerSample - (number): Bits per sample. This value can be 8 or 16.

Microphone:setOutputFile(fileName) Sets the output file. If an output file is specified, captured audio is recorted to this file. You cannot set output file while recording.

fileName - (string): The filename. It should be on documentes or temporary directory.

Microphone:start() Start recording with device.


Stop recording.


Event.DATA_AVAILABLE Dispatched as audio samples become available.

event.peakAmplitute: The audio channel's peak amplitute.

event.averageAmplitute: The audio channel's average RMS amplitute.



  • Copy bin/microphone.dll to Plugins directory.

Mac OS X

  • Copy bin/microphone.dylib to Plugins directory.


  • Add, gsoundencoder-wav.cpp and gmicrophonebinder.cpp to Xcode project.


  • Copy bin/Android/* to libs directory.
  • Copy source/com/* to your project.
  • Add System.loadLibrary("microphone"); to your main Activity.
  • Add "" to externalClasses array.
  • Add android.permission.RECORD_AUDIO permission.