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Gideros Player

This is the player simulator to Gideros Studio run on desktop.

Features added:

  • Zoom In and Out option, controlled by Alt + Arrow Up or Alt + Arrow Down
  • Fit to Window by zooming
  • Hide Menu bar option
  • Auto Scale option, the canvas occupies all the player screen (but the player dont resize anymore when resolution are changed
  • Draw Infos option, to show the player informations when the app is running
  • Some resolutions added
  • Configurations dialog added, to control some commom options and aditional color options (Player window, canvas background and info text color)
  • Settings/GiderosPlayer.ini automatically created to store some configurations

Don't forget to build these dependencies, in this order, before build this project:

  • libpystring
  • libgvfs
  • liblua
  • libgid
  • libgideros
  • Qt SDK 5.4 with mingw (Windows) The copy-required.bat will make an copy of some Qt files that is necessary to this software. Some files exist in their own versions, for example: In Qt 5.4, the dlls are icudt53.dll, icuin53.dll and icuuc53.dll. In Qt 5.3, the dlls are icudt52.dll, icuin52.dll and icuuc52.dll.

Be carefull with this! :-)

To make a easy workflow, add this custom steps (Add Build Step -> Custom Process Step) to Qt Creator:

Release (Windows)

To copy generated files from build player process to root\release folder:

  • Command: cmd
  • Arguments: /C %{buildDir}\scripts\copy-generated.bat
  • Working directory: %{buildDir}

To copy required player files previously builded to root\release folder:

  • Command: cmd
  • Arguments: /C %{buildDir}\scripts\copy-required.bat
  • Working directory: %{buildDir}

To start the player from root\release folder:

  • Command: cmd
  • Arguments: /C %{buildDir}\scripts\start-player.bat
  • Working directory: %{buildDir}
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