GRAV plugin for the PHP module tidy. Make your messy HTML code looks awesome again.
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Grav tidyhtml plugin

Clemens Queissner


This plugins requires you to have the PHP module tidy installed. Check out the official PHP doc.


The tidyhtml plugin is easy to install with GPM.

$ bin/gpm install tidyhtml

Or clone from GitHub and put in the user/plugins/tidyhtml folder.

$ git clone tidyhtml


The plugin is enabled by default, if you want to disable it make sure to place a tidyhtml.yaml file in the user/config/plugins/ directory.

Most of the settings already applied to the defaults are most common to the HTML5 standard. Checkout the plugin settings in the admin panel to modify the settings to your needs.

Disabled output processing on a per-site basis

If you need to disable tidy processing on a site basis you must add the site-node to the list of ignore_pages in the config. For more convenience you can use the settings in the admin panel of the plugin.