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=== CloudConnector ===
Contributors: Sanjay Gidwani (sanjay.gidwani@gmail.com)
Tags: google-apps-scripts, salesforce, soql

A Google App Script to query salesforce.com

== Description ==
Query Salesforce data right from Google Spreedsheets. Write a SOQL query to pull data from any object.

== Installation ==
Approved by Google!

Install from Google Script Library
1. Create a Google Spreadsheet
2. Click the Tool menu
3. Navigate to the Script Gallery option
4. Search for Salesforce
5. Click install next to CloudConnecter
6. Click Authorize on the dialog that appears
7. Click Close on the Script Gallery
8. Refer to Steps 10-14 in the blog post: http://www.sanjaygidwani.net/2011/09/10/how-to-setup-and-run-cloudconnector/

git clone method
1. git clone https://github.com/gidzone/cloudconnector.git
2. Copy the the contents of cloudconnector-0.1.js to the clipboard
3. Create a google spreadsheet
4. Goto the Tools menu and select Script Editor.
5. Paste and Save the script
6. Select the OnOpen from the the function dropdown and click the play button
7. This will ask you to authorize the script. Authorize it.
8. Run the onOpen fuction again and you will see a Cloud Connector option in the menu bar of the spreadsheet
9. Click the Settings tab in Cloud Connector dropdown
10. Enter your credentials
11. Click the login button to log you into your org.
12.Click query to enter your soql query.
13.Watch the results load into your spreadsheet.

== Frequently Asked Questions ==

1. None at this time