Domoticz plugin for the Kappelt gBridge
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Kappelt gBridge - Domoticz Python Plugin

Python plugin for Domoticz to add integration with gBridge project


You have two options:


  1. Clone repository into your domoticz plugins folder
cd domoticz/plugins
git clone
  1. Restart domoticz
  2. Make sure you add "" to your Local Networks under Settings.
  3. Go to "Hardware" page and add new item with type "gBridge"
  4. Set your MQTT server address, gBridge config etc. to plugin settings and click Add

Example of a hosted setup: alt text

Example of a local setup: alt text

Configure devices

For this plugin to know which devices it may add to the gBridge, it checks the description of the device. Description: gBridge is making sure the device is added with its Domoticz name. Description: gBridge:Another friendlyName is creating a device in gBridge with "Another friendlyName".

After you have configured your devices, you have two choices. The first one is going to the Hardware page again, select your gBridge hardware and click "Update".

The second option, if you have gBridge linked to your Google account already, is asking Google: "Sync my devices". This will trigger a MQTT sync message for which the plugin will start a sync cycle. Finally check the logging if the devices are added successfully to gBridge (or visit the device page of gBridge)


Follow the instructions to connect to Google: After you added gBridge to your Google Home/Assistant, ask Google (again) to "Sync my devices". Then say: Turn on x light and see your light shining. If something went wrong, check for messages in the Domoticz log regarding gBridge. If it doesn't make a lot of sense, create an issue and I will help asap.

Plugin update

  1. Stop domoticz
  2. Go to plugin folder and pull new version
cd domoticz/plugins/gbridge
git pull
  1. Start domoticz

Supported devices

The onoff, brightness, scenes and temperature traits are supported, this means the following Domoticz devices can be controlled:

  • Lights
  • Dimmers
  • Blinds (including Percentage and Percentage Inverted)
  • Scenes
  • (Dummy) switches
  • Temperature setpoint