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Keyboards for the __UNDEFINED__ language

This directory contains source files and build instructions for developing keyboards for the __UNDEFINED__ language. The data and implementations are licenced under __LICENCE__, and the licence is also detailed in the LICENCE file of this directory. The authors named in the AUTHORS file are available to grant other licencing choices.

Installation and compilation, and a short note on usage, is documented in the file INSTALL.

Documentation is scattered around on the Giellatekno and Divvun pages, e.g.:

The keyboards will be submitted to the CLDR - Unicode Common Locale Data Repository, where they will be available for OS developers to be included. Where possible, they will also be made directly available for installation through the OS's regular installation procedures.


In order to compile and use __UNDEFINED__ keyboards you need:

  • the relevant operating system (a recent version)


The __UNDEFINED__ keyboard sources can be acquired using the Giella SVN repository, from the language specific directory for keyboards, after the core has been downloaded and initial setup has been performed.


INSTALL describes the GNU build system in detail, but for most users the usual:

./configure make (as root) make install

should result in a local installation and:

(as root) make uninstall

in its uninstallation.

If you would rather install in e.g. your home directory (or aren't the system administrator), you can tell ./configure:

./configure --prefix=$HOME

If you are checking out the development versions from SVN you must first create and install the necessary autotools files from the host system, and check that your environment is correctly set up. This is done by doing:


It is common practice to keep generated files out of version control.

VPATH builds

If you want to keep the source code tree clean, a VPATH build is the solution. The idea is to create a build dir somewhere outside of the source code tree, and call configure from there. Here is one VPATH variant of the standard procedure:

mkdir build && cd build ../configure make (as root) make install

This will keep all the generated files within the build/ dir, and keep the src/ dir (mostly) free of generated files. If you are building from the development version in SVN, you must run the ./ script BEFORE you take the steps above.

For further installation instructions refer to the file INSTALL, which contains the standard installation instructions for GNU autoconf based software.

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