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The Kalaallisut morphology and tools

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This repository contains finite state source files for the Kalaallisut language, for building morphological analysers, proofing tools and dictionaries. The data and implementation are licenced under LICENSE licence, also detailed in the LICENSE. The authors named in the AUTHORS file are available to grant other licencing choices.

Install proofing tools and keyboards for the Kalaallisut language by using the Divvun Installer (some languages are only available via the nightly channel).

Download and test speller files

The speller files downloadable at the top of this page (the *.bhfst files) can be used with divvunspell, to test their performance. These files are the exact same ones as installed on users' computers and mobile phones. Desktop and mobile speller files differ from each other in the error model and should be tested separately — thus also two different downloads.


Documentation can be found at:

Core dependencies

In order to compile and use Kalaallisut language morphology and dictionaries, you need:

To install VislCG3 and HFST, just copy/paste this into your Terminal on Mac OS X:

curl | sudo bash

or terminal on Ubuntu, Debian or Windows Subsystem for Linux:

wget -O - | sudo bash
sudo apt-get install cg3 hfst

or terminal on RedHat, Fedora, CentOS or Windows Subsystem for Linux:

wget -O - | sudo bash
sudo dnf install cg3 hfst

Alternatively, the Apertium wiki has good instructions on how to install the dependencies for Mac OS X and how to install the dependencies on linux

Further details and dependencies are described on the GiellaLT Getting Started pages.


Using Git:

git clone

Using Subversion:

svn checkout lang-kal

Building and installation

INSTALL describes the GNU build system in detail, but for most users it is the usual:

./ # This will automatically clone or check out other GiellaLT dependencies
(as root) make install