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Google Analytics Annotations Manager

Why ?

You want to copy your annotations between Google Analytics accounts / profiles ? You want to remove multiples annotations together ? You want to export your annotations as a CSV file ?

This Greasemonkey user script is for you : it provides GA annotations manage tools for your Google Analaytics interface.

How use it ?

Install this userscript using Greasemonkey in Firefox (not tested yet in Chrom{e,ium}, but don't support @require support) and use the version 5 of Google Analytics.

You will show new annotations features in Google Analytics annotations panel as shown on the screenshot.

How it works ?

This user script uses HTML5 localstorage to store the annotations into your browser.




  • v0.2 :
    • Clean jQuery requirement ;
    • Use fireEvent with @FGRibreau jQuery library instead of jQuery trigger and Google Analytics Actionscript methods ;
    • Display checkboxes on panel display ;
    • Implement remove of annotations using added checkboxes ;
    • Implement basic CSV export using added checkboxes.
  • v0.1
    • Implement copy of annotations.
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