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[No longer maintained] A GreaseMonkey userscript to manage / copy Google Analytics Annotations
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Google Analytics Annotations Copy

Why ?

You want to copy your annotations between Google Analytics accounts/profiles ? This Greasemonkey user script is for you : it provides GA annotations copy tools for your Google Analaytics interface.

How ?

In first, install this userscript using Greasemonkey in Firefox (not tested yet in Chrom{e,ium}).

In second, go inside the profile you want copy the annotations, (for example in the Visitors overview page), open the annotations panel, and click on "Copy annotation(s)". By default, all of the annotations from the current period will be copied into the localstorage. You can select or deselect copied annotations using the checkboxes on the right of the panel.

In third, go inside the profile you want paste the annotations, open the annotaions panel, and click on "Paste XX annotation(s)". You should see the annotations copied.

How it works ?

This user script uses HTML5 localstorage to store the annotations into your browser.


Select which annotations you want to copy :

Select which annotations you want to copy

Paste stored annotations :

Paste stored annotations

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