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Ari Player


Giesela's player component.


Due to the nature of being a WAMP component, Ari needs a WAMP router.

Ari's current implementation uses Andesite as its audio player, so at least one Andesite node is required.

Redis is used to store player states.

Ari is designed to work with Redis 5. It might work with older versions, but there's no guarantee.

Required Components

Ari doesn't work all by itself, it assumes that the following components are available in the same realm.


There are two different ways you can use to configure Ari. Using Configuration file specified in the --config command-line option and using environment variables (when both sources specify a key, the environment variable takes precedence).

The following is a representation of the config:

realm:  sample realm name
url:    "tcp://localhost:8000"

    address:    "redis://localhost:6379"  
    namespace:  ari  #------------------  optional
  user_id:      123456789
    - url:      "ws://localhost:5000/websocket"
      password: very much secure  #------------ optional

sentry:  # optional
  dsn:  ""

To configure a value, say, redis.address, use the environment variable name "ARI_REDIS_ADDRESS". I'm sure you can see the pattern, prepend "ARI_" and use "_" as a delimiter. If a key already contains an underscore simply ignore it. andesite.user_id becomes "ARI_ANDESITE_USERID".