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Giesela Refresh

Crowdin Build Status license

What is Refresh?

This is the refresh version of Giesela. What does that mean exactly? Who knows... Anyway, this is a stripped-down, containerised version of Giesela. It's still the same old, crappy version of Giesela that we've all I've grown to hate, but at least it's containerised which - as we all know - improves everything by about 1000%...

In all seriousness though, there have been some changes listed here. While some might seem trivial, it is important to keep in mind that there are a lot of smaller/internal changes that aren't listed which - over time - add up to be quite important.

Which version should I run?

Neither tbh This one! The old version has reached its end-of-life and won't receive any support.


Instead of making things hard, why don't we just ignore manual setup and go straight to something as easy as running a Docker Container.

Get the official image from giesela/giesela:refresh and just run it!


Configuring has never been as easy (maybe?)

Environment Variables

token required: You need to set the Discord Bot Token for Giesela to work.

google_api_key required: Api key for Google's API.

command_prefix optional: Set the prefix for messages addressed to Giesela (default "!").


You can mount /giesela/data which holds a lot of Giesela's static data (certificates, lyrics, options, and so on).

Keep in mind that these files will be overwritten with newer versions if there are any. Currently this only affects radio_stations.yml

/giesela/logs holds the log files (if there even are any...)

Secure Websockets for Webiesela

Giesela Refresh finally supports SSL encryption for Webiesela. All you have to do to enable it is place (mount) your certificate file in the /giesela/data/cert folder.

If you have a separate file for the private key you also need to place it in the same folder and make sure Giesela can identify which is which. You can do this by either naming the files CERTIFICATE vs PRIVATEKEY / KEYFILE or you can just give them the suffix .cert vs .key. There are of course other possible name combinations which Giesela understands, but I'm too lazy to name them all!

What's new?

  • Better interface
    • Interactive Messages for:
      • Lyrics
      • Queue / History
      • Playlist Editor / Entry Editor
      • Shell
      • Searching
    • Improved help/error
    • Self-updating now-playing message with built-in player control buttons
  • New player with "native" support for seeking
  • Using's Commands framework
  • Removed a bunch of commands (I know this doesn't really sound like a good thing, but most of these commands were useless or broken anyway)
  • Optimised Entry system
  • New and improved playlist system
  • Newly added playlist features:
    • Playlist editors
  • New radio station system which makes it easy (at least easier) to add new radio stations
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