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A D&D 5e monster maker module for the Foundry VTT. Build new monsters with level-appropriate, balanced stats in seconds.

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Giffyglyph's 5e Monster Maker

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Want to build new monsters for your Foundry VTT D&D 5e campaign, but aren't sure how to balance them easily? No worries—Giffyglyph's 5e Monster Maker has you covered! Build level-appropriate D&D 5e monsters in seconds with an all-new automated monster sheet and scaling actions.


  • A brand new monster sheet with customisable themes.
  • Fully-scaled monster stats for levels -5 to 50.
  • 4 monster roles—minion, standard, elite, and solo.
  • 7 combat roles—controller, defender, lurker, scout, sniper, striker, and supporter.
  • Change the level of any monster on-the-fly and watch their stats change.
  • A new scaling action sheet with fully-scaling attacks.
  • 24 easy-to-use shortcodes to make scaling features even easier.
  • Convert existing monsters in seconds by simply changing the active sheet.
  • Includes full stats from the Giffyglyph's Monster Maker PDF.

Scaling Adult Dragon


You can install this Foundry module by copying a manifest URL into your Foundry setup:

You can install both live and development branches side-by-side, but you must activate only one branch at a time.

Getting Started

  1. Install and activate the module.
  2. On the sidebar—under "Actors—you will see "Create a Scaling Monster". Click it.
  3. Customise your monster by changing the level, rank, and role. See your monster's stats update live with each change.
  4. On the sidebar—under "Items"—you will see "Create a Scaling Action". Click it.
  5. Customise your action by adding an attack—try a "Melee Weapon Attack".
  6. Now drag the scaling action onto your scaling monster, and watch the action's attack bonus automatically change to match your monster's bonuses.

Converting an old Monster

  1. Open an existing monster—or import one from the SRD compendium.
  2. Change the active sheet to "Giffyglyph's 5e Monster Maker".
  3. Change the monster's level, rank, and role to suit the expected encounter.

Converting an old Action

  1. Open an existing item—such as a weapon, feature, or piece of loot.
  2. Change the active sheet to "Giffyglyph's 5e Scaling Action".
  3. Customise the action with some scaling features and shortcodes.

Scaling Action


To see what's being worked on right now—and what may be planned for the future—check out the projects board.

Bugs and Feature Suggestions

If you notice a bug or have a feature suggestion, visit the issue board and open a ticket. Please make sure to be as thorough as possible in your report and attach screenshots where appropriate, as low-effort tickets may be closed out-of-hand.


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This module is licensed under the Foundry Virtual Tabletop EULA: Limited License Agreement for module development.