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Giffyglyph's Aberrant Skin

License: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 Support me on Patreon Twitter Twitch

Want a clean, responsive theme for your mediawiki installation? Then check out Giffyglyph's Aberrant Skin—a fully-featured mwiki theme!


  • A responsive layout suitable for desktop, table, and mobile.


To see what's being worked on right now—and what may be planned for the future—check out the projects board.

Bugs and Feature Suggestions

If you notice a bug or have a feature suggestion, visit the issue board and open a ticket. Please make sure to be as thorough as possible in your report and attach screenshots where appropriate, as low-effort tickets may be closed out-of-hand.


Support me on Patreon Twitter Twitch

If you'd like to see more from this project in future, please consider becoming a patron. You can also find more of my work at:


License: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.