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We appreciate any contribution to GIFT-Grab, be it a bug report, feature request, general feedback or source code. Please see the relevant section below for guidelines.

If you have other questions, suggestions, etc. you can also contact Dzhoshkun Shakir (dzhoshkun.shakir [at] directly.

Submitting a bug report or a feature request

Please create an issue on GitHub. If filing a bug report, please include as much information as possible to allow a developer to reproduce the problem.

Fixing a bug or implementing a new feature

If no issue yet exists for the bug or feature in question, please create one (see the above section).

Please make sure every commit message AND merge (pull) request references a documented issue.

Typical exemplary workflow for contributing source code

  1. Fork this repository
  2. Do your coding (Please make sure every commit message references a documented issue.)
  3. Create a pull request (PR) from your fork to the master branch of this repository (Please make sure the pull request references the relevant issue.)

Typical exemplary workflow for reviewing pull requests (admins)

  1. Create a PR branch off master
  2. Push PR changes to the PR branch
  3. Please make sure the CI builds pass
  4. Accept PR