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Steve's Factory Manager

I am still working hard on SFM 2.X what is a massive rewrite of alot of how the mod works. This will inclued a small API at start for modders to use aswell as a few new Items. This is taking longer that I would have liked as I have multiple mods to work on aswell as a full time job. NO ETA

WARNING This is a port of Steve's Factory Manager done by gigabit101 I currently have no rights to distribute the mod. That said anyone who compiles the mod them self's can report any bugs to me here.

Steve's Factory Manager is a Minecraft mod which allows you to set up systems that moves and manages items between inventories and machines.

Setup Workspace

git clone [git-repo-url]

If you don't have Gradle installed on your computer you can use gradlew or gradlew.bat instead

For help setting up a ForgeGradle workspace, go to this forum page.

How to install it is a bit different depending on what IDE you are using.

Instructions on how to install is in README.txt

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