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Wake-on-LAN for Node.js
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Wake On Lan for Node.js

Sends a sequence of Wake-on-LAN packets to the specified MAC address. Returns a Promise.

Inspired by node_wake_on_lan

const wol = require('wakeonlan')

// MAC is case-insensitive. colons optional
wol('04:18:D6:A0:47:27').then(() => {
  console.log('wol sent!')


wol(mac, [opts])


  • address : The destination address. Default : ''

  • count : Number of packets to send. Default : 3

  • interval : Interval between packets. Default : 100

  • port : Port to send to. Default : 9

  • from : Source address for socket. If not specified, packets will be sent out to the broadcast address of all IPv4 interfaces. Default : null

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