Common Lisp wrapper for Openwall bcrypt password hashing library.
Common Lisp
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This code is based on the code from this blog posting:

I packaged it up with an .asd file, frobbed the API, and added some

* Installing

Since this code is just a thin wrapper around a C bcrypt library
you'll need one of those installed on your system. (Note that the
bcrypt package available on Ubuntu and Debian does not provide this
library—it is a file encryption program that uses the Blowfish
algorithm.) The easiest solution is probably to get the Openwall
bcrypt from I’ve also put a version on
Github at:

to which I’ve added a ‘library’ target to the makefile to build the
shared library. If you grab my version you can cd into the directory
and ‘make library’. Then place the resulting
somewhere where Lisp can find it. (On OS X ~/lib will work or the
cffi:*foreign-library-directories* variable may be useful here.)