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(in-package :com.gigamonkeys.utilities)
(defconstant +block-size+ (expt 2 12))
(defun dump-file (file stream &key (element-type (stream-element-type stream)))
"Dump the contents of file to stream."
(with-open-file (in file :element-type element-type)
(let ((buffer (make-array +block-size+ :element-type element-type)))
(loop for end = (read-sequence buffer in)
do (write-sequence buffer stream :end end)
until (< end (length buffer))))))
(defun file-text (pathname)
(with-output-to-string (out)
(dump-file pathname out)))
(defun file-bytes (file)
(with-open-file (in file) (file-length in)))
(defun file-char-length (file &key (external-format :utf-8))
"The length of the file in characters for a given external-format."
(with-open-file (in file :external-format external-format)
(loop for c = (read-char in nil nil)
while c count t)))
(defun copy-file (from to)
((and (probe-file to) (equalp (truename from) (truename to)))
(warn "Not copying file ~a onto itself." from))
(with-open-file (out (ensure-directories-exist to) :direction :output :if-exists :supersede :element-type 'unsigned-byte)
(dump-file from out))))
(truename to))
(defun file->lines (filename)
(when (probe-file filename)
(with-open-file (in filename)
(loop for item = (read-line in nil nil) while item collect item))))
(defun file->list (filename &optional (package *package*))
(let ((*package* package))
(when (probe-file filename)
(with-open-file (in filename)
(loop for item = (read in nil nil) while item collect item)))))
(defun file->sexp (filename &optional (package *package*))
(let ((*package* package))
(with-open-file (in filename)
(read in nil nil))))
(defmacro with-output-to-file ((out file &key (ensure-directories nil)) &body body)
"Write to a file, creating if it does not exist and superseding if
it does. Returns the truename of the file created.
If :ensure-directories is true, create parent directories too."
(once-only (file)
`(with-open-file (,out (if ,ensure-directories (ensure-directories-exist ,file) ,file)
:direction :output :if-exists :supersede)
(truename ,out))))
(defmacro with-data-io-syntax (&body body)
"Do i/o with standard io-syntax except with *print-case* bound
to :downcase, *read-eval* bound to nil, and *package* the keyword
package. Useful for more or less safely reading and writing data."
(let ((*print-case* :downcase)
(*read-eval* nil)
(*package* (find-package :keyword)))
(defmacro with-data-to-file ((out file &key (ensure-directories nil)) &body body)
"Write data to a file using data-io-syntax, appending to the file if
it exists and creating it if necessary. If :ensure-directories is
true, create parent directories too."
(once-only (file)
`(with-open-file (,out (if ,ensure-directories (ensure-directories-exist ,file) ,file)
:direction :output
:if-exists :append
:if-does-not-exist :create)
(with-data-io-syntax ,@body))))
(defmacro with-lock-file ((filename) &body body)
"Simple minded technique for using the existence of a file as a
locking mechanism to keep cooperative threads or processes from
stomping on eachother."
(once-only (filename)
;; On SBCL anyway, the following OPEN should result in a call
;; to open() with O_EXCL which does what we need.
(loop for x = (open (ensure-directories-exist ,filename) :direction :output :if-exists nil :if-does-not-exist :create)
when x return (close x))
(unwind-protect (progn ,@body)
(delete-file ,filename)))))
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