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Jin Pyo Jeon jinpyojeon

Sophomore at Trinity College. CS & math major / philosophy minor

06106 Hartford, CT, USA

Liviu Vladutu vliviu

I have a BSc in Computer Science, a MSc and PhD in applications of AI (Artificial intelligence) in Biomedical Engineering & Data Mining of Medical Records.

UPB Bucharest Bucuresti, Romania

Sebastian Christ rudolfochrist

Lisp Hacker

@m-creations Worms, Germany

~ape sapeien

Munich, Germany

Ben Lambert belambert

Machine Learning Scientist at Spotify. Previously at Amazon and CMU.

@spotify Cambridge, MA, USA

Lars Brinkhoff larsbrinkhoff

Emacs, Lisp, Forth, 68000, PDP-10

Gothenburg, Sweden

Carlos Toxtli toxtli

Senior Bot developer and Full-Stack developer with more than 15 years of experience.

Google United States , Mexico

A.G. antiface

Field artist.

Autonomous worker Canada

Alex Ermolov wiedzmin

Just a curious hacker. Not fully in MIT sense, but striving to. :)


Robin Larsson TankMasterRL

Electronic engineer student, with an interest in embedded systems and its medical applications.

Västra Götaland, Sweden

William Casarin jb55

@Monstercat CTO

Monstercat Vancouver, British Columbia

pierre huyubing


pierre-lib USA

Carlos Chacin cchacin

Groupon, Inc. Seattle, WA

Larry Staton Jr. statonjr

Sweetpea Software Huntersville, NC

Rob Blackwell RobBlackwell

PhD Student, Independent Software Consultant

British Antarctic Survey Ipswich, UK

Cody Reichert CodyReichert

co-founder @assertible, @SimplyRETS

@Assertible Houston, Texas

Andrew Kirkpatrick spacebat

Adelaide, South Australia