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Commits on Feb 18, 2013
@obra obra Labels shouldn't have spaces between the text and the colon. Links di…
…d becase of how we built them
Commits on Mar 01, 2013
@alexmv alexmv Note that /Elements/TitleBox and friends are deprecated
/Widgets/TitleBox has existed since RT 3.6; mark the old
/Elements/TitleBox as deprecated, and to be removed in 4.4.
Commits on Mar 12, 2013
@alexmv alexmv Add grouping information to links on CF grouping headers
This is useful for other objct types which may split CF editing into
separate pages for each CF grouping.
@ruz ruz use hash for ACL_CACHE instead of TimedExpiry
If we don't flush the cache when situation changes
then it will result in bugs. 60 seconds expiration
time is just too big.

for web interface we flush cache on every request

for single process command line tool flushing in
right places should cover everything
@ruz ruz delete dependency on Cache::Simple::TimedExpiry
we just dropped the only use in the core
Commits on Mar 13, 2013
Kevin Falcone Make ShowHeader configurable
While we still don't want to show the headers in More About Requestors
at time time, other code uses this component.
@tsibley tsibley Remove outdated check for apachectl and the corresponding make target 6f7e2f0
Commits on Mar 14, 2013
Kevin Falcone We totally use this
We check to see if the component we're rendering is in
HomepageComponents, and if it isn't we show an 'invalid portlet'

When this comment was added in 6c33588 we really weren't using
allowed_components, but when we started using it in 890312a the comment
wasn't removed.
@tsibley tsibley Require Symbol::Global::Name 0.02 so the names of references are found
Fixed on 4.0-trunk as 3cb2f29.  Resolves [rt3 #16951] for master.
Commits on Mar 15, 2013
@alexmv alexmv Merge branch '4.2/hash-instead-of-module-for-acl-cache' 2ad6a94
@alexmv alexmv Merge branch '4.2/remove-spaces-inside-link-labels' 44060e2
@sunnavy sunnavy update jquery to 1.9.1 caf5278
@sunnavy sunnavy update superfish to 1.5.1 for jquery 1.9 compatibility 2a70663
@sunnavy sunnavy update jquery.modal to 0.5.2 3ee977c
@sunnavy sunnavy update jquery-ui to 1.10.0
some notes:

* new version of autocomplete part requires menu, that's why menu part is
  added too.

* new css hide .ui-datepicker, so I renamed our own .ui-datepicker to .datepicker
@sunnavy sunnavy update jquery-ui-timepicker-addon to 1.2 a3de102
@sunnavy sunnavy update jquery.cookie to 1.3.1 9d0b232
@alexmv alexmv Merge branch '4.2/update-jquery-and-related' 39b6bc2
@alexmv alexmv Merge branch '4.2/remove-apachectl' f4aa8a1
@alexmv alexmv Merge branch '4.2/user-ticket-list-show-header' 60074da
Commits on Mar 20, 2013
@sunnavy sunnavy fix missing parts in jquery ui update for accordion and tabs
* ui-icons_4488cc_256x240.png is removed, so switched to the most similar
  ui-icons_2e83ff_256x240.png instead
* css .ui-tabs-selected is renamed to .ui-tabs-active
* css .ui-tabs-hide is removed, use our own .hidden instead
* accordion options autoHeight, clearStyle, and fillSpace are merged into heightStyle
Commits on Mar 21, 2013
@alexmv alexmv Merge branch '4.2/fix-jquery-ui-accordion-and-tabs' 245d37a
Commits on Mar 22, 2013
Kevin Falcone Refector the user searching logic from the Autocompleter into RT::Users
This lets any other front-end user searching borrow the logic (and
Oracle-aware magic) already present in the autocompleter.
Kevin Falcone Convert Exclude to a list of ids rather than a comma separated list 385f14f
Kevin Falcone Limit the excludes list by AND
Otherwise this code generates (id != 7 OR id != 9) which returns both 7
and 9.  In the Group membership page, this meant users who are already
members were returned in the user autocompleter.

A separate branch 4.0/autocomplete-exclude fixes this for Groups
Kevin Falcone Exclude Nobody and RT_System in SQL
Instead of skipping these in perl, push the restriction down into SQL
via RT::Users->SimpleSearch.
Kevin Falcone Provide a simple, publicly accessible, user search
The results are currently unlinked, as there is no non-admin page about
a user to link to.
Kevin Falcone Rename UserAutocompleteFields to UserSearchFields
Now the configuration option is used in two places, it is misleading to
call it by a name containing "Autocomplete."

Log loudly about rename, but also be nice and make it "just work."
Kevin Falcone Make user search "sticky" 7e16d3a
Kevin Falcone Focus the search box by default when loading the User Search 85a8053
Kevin Falcone Factor out the user searching widget 9446ae7
Kevin Falcone Add a User Summary page
Shows the user search again, followed by a list of portlets specified in
UserSummaryPortlets.  No user customization is available, just a simple
list of things to display.
Kevin Falcone Jump directly to a user if selected by autocomplete 0838391
Kevin Falcone Add an ExtraInfo User portlet
A thin wrapper around Elements/User/ExtraInfo, this uses the
UserSummaryExtraInfo config to control how much data you want on your
User Summary.  It seems natural that you might list 4 or 5 attributes in
More About Requestors and then list more here.
Kevin Falcone Add user portlets for Active and Inactive tickets
Controllable by the UserSummaryTicketListFormat, and displayed by
default on the User Summary.
Kevin Falcone Add a simple Create Ticket user portlet
Tickets thus created sets the user as the Requestor
Kevin Falcone Show Titles for ticket lists on the User Summary
While "More About Requestor" may wish a more concise format, headings
are of use for a full-page display.
@tsibley tsibley Clarify what the queue dropdown contains by integrating it into the s…
@tsibley tsibley Merge branch '4.2/user-summary' 4983441
@alexmv alexmv Make stack traces optional in RT->Deprecated bdb5214
@alexmv alexmv Provide a simple way to note that a config option has been deprecated 7df7a81
Commits on Mar 26, 2013
@ruz ruz Merge branch '4.2/cf-grouping-link' 1482f6c
Commits on Mar 27, 2013
@tsibley tsibley Merge branch '4.2/deprecated-config-options' 2889c6b
Commits on Mar 29, 2013
@ruz ruz Merge branch '4.2/deprecate-elements-titlebox' b035221