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Cricket config


# recursor stats
OID     questions               .
OID     tcp_questions           .
OID     cache_entries           .

More duplications

# RRD definitions
dataSource questions            ds-source = snmp://%snmp%/questions
dataSource tcp_questions        ds-source = snmp://%snmp%/tcp_questions
dataSource cache_entries        
        ds-source = snmp://%snmp%/cache_entries
        rrd-ds-type     =       GAUGE

Graph defines

# Graph definitions
graph questions
        legend = "questions"
        color = black

graph tcp_questions
        legend = "tcpquestions"

graph cache_entries
        legend = "cache entries"
        units = "entries"


# Targettype
targettype recursor-314-all
        ds = "questions, tcp_questions, cache_entries ..."
        view = "View: foo, bar, baz,
                Other: questions,
                TCP: tcp_questions cache_entries"
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