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Gigantum Desktop

FOSSA Status

A desktop application created using Electron to install and operate the Gigantum client.


This application is provided as a method to install and run the Gigantum Client, locally on your computer. It provides a simple interface to install, update, start and stop the client. If you are looking to use the desktop application, it is highly recommended that you download the existing latest build for your operating system here.

For more information regarding the application, view our documentation here.

Getting Started


This project requires Node.js


git clone
cd gigantum-desktop
npm install
npm start

NPM scripts

npm start

Starts the electron process on src/main.js and begins running the desktop application

npm run build-mac

Starts the electron-builder process and creates a build for Mac OSX, generating a .dmg and .zip.

npm run build-win

Starts the electron-builder process and creates a build for Windows, generating an .exe nsis installer.

npm run build-lin

Starts the electron-builder process and creates a build for Linux, generating an .AppImage and .snap.

npm run build-all

Starts the electron-builder process for all of the above operating systems.


Gigantum uses the Developer Certificate of Origin. This is lightweight approach that doesn't require submission and review of a separate contributor agreement. Code is signed directly by the developer using facilities built into git.

Please see docs/ in the gtm repository.



Deploying a Build

Go to > personal access tokens > Generate new token

  declare -x GITHUB_TOKEN=${github_token}

  declare -x WIN_CSC_LINK=${cert_directory}

  declare -x WIN_CSC_KEY_PASSWORD=${cert_keyphrase}


FOSSA Status