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Clojure MXNet

A clojure package to the MXNet Deep Learning library

We've joined the Apache MXNet project!

We are very happy to have joined the Apache MXNet (Incubutating) project! We look forward to growing MXNet and Clojure together there.

Please head on over to that github repo and check out the Clojure package README in the contrib/clojure-package.

If you would like to open an issue or PR, please do so at the main MXNet repo - thanks!

Join us

Are you interested in Deep Learning and Clojure? Great - Join us!

There are a few ways to get involved.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to people that provided testing and feedback to make this possible

  • Chris Hodapp
  • Iñaki Arenaza & Magnet Coop
  • r0man
  • Ben Kamphaus
  • Sivaram Konanki
  • Rustam Gilaztdinov
  • Kamil Hryniewicz
  • Christian Weilbach
  • Burin Choomnuan
  • Avram Aelony
  • Jim Dunn
  • Kovas Boguta