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(ns clojure-mxnet-autoencoder.discriminator
(:require [clojure-mxnet-autoencoder.viz :as viz]
[ :as io]
[ :refer [sh]]
[org.apache.clojure-mxnet.eval-metric :as eval-metric]
[org.apache.clojure-mxnet.initializer :as initializer]
[ :as mx-io]
[org.apache.clojure-mxnet.module :as m]
[org.apache.clojure-mxnet.ndarray :as ndarray]
[org.apache.clojure-mxnet.optimizer :as optimizer]
[org.apache.clojure-mxnet.symbol :as sym]))
(def data-dir "data/")
(def batch-size 100)
(when-not (.exists (io/file (str data-dir "train-images-idx3-ubyte")))
(sh "./"))
;;; Load the MNIST datasets
(def train-data
{:image (str data-dir "train-images-idx3-ubyte")
:label (str data-dir "train-labels-idx1-ubyte")
:input-shape [784]
:flat true
:batch-size batch-size
:shuffle true}))
(def test-data
{:image (str data-dir "t10k-images-idx3-ubyte")
:label (str data-dir "t10k-labels-idx1-ubyte")
:input-shape [784]
:batch-size batch-size
:flat true
:shuffle true}))
(def input (sym/variable "input"))
(def output (sym/variable "input_"))
(defn get-symbol []
(as-> input data
;; encode
(sym/fully-connected "encode1" {:data data :num-hidden 100})
(sym/activation "sigmoid1" {:data data :act-type "sigmoid"})
;; encode
(sym/fully-connected "encode2" {:data data :num-hidden 50})
(sym/activation "sigmoid2" {:data data :act-type "sigmoid"})
;;; this last bit changed from autoencoder
(sym/fully-connected "result" {:data data :num-hidden 10})
(sym/softmax-output {:data data :label output})))
(def data-desc (first (mx-io/provide-data-desc train-data)))
;;; so we are actually using the label now too
(def label-desc (first (mx-io/provide-label-desc train-data)))
;;; this part needs to change the label shapes to actually be the real labels
(def model (-> (m/module (get-symbol) {:data-names ["input"] :label-names ["input_"]})
(m/bind {:data-shapes [(assoc data-desc :name "input")]
:label-shapes [(assoc label-desc :name "input_")]})
(m/init-params {:initializer (initializer/uniform 1)})
(m/init-optimizer {:optimizer (optimizer/adam {:learning-rage 0.001})})))
;;; we use accuracy instead of mse
(def my-metric (eval-metric/accuracy))
(defn train [num-epochs]
(doseq [epoch-num (range 0 num-epochs)]
(println "starting epoch " epoch-num)
(fn [batch]
;;; here we make sure to use the label
;;; now for forward and update-metric
(-> model
(m/forward {:data (mx-io/batch-data batch)
:label (mx-io/batch-label batch)})
(m/update-metric my-metric (mx-io/batch-label batch))
(println {:epoch epoch-num
:metric (eval-metric/get-and-reset my-metric)})))
(def my-batch (mx-io/next train-data))
(def images (mx-io/batch-data my-batch))
(viz/im-sav {:title "originals"
:output-path "results/"
:x (-> images
(ndarray/reshape [100 1 28 28]))})
;;; before training
(def my-test-batch (mx-io/next test-data))
(def test-images (mx-io/batch-data my-test-batch))
(viz/im-sav {:title "test-images"
:output-path "results/"
:x (-> test-images
(ndarray/reshape [100 1 28 28]))})
(def preds (m/predict-batch model {:data test-images} ))
(->> preds
(take 10))
;=> (1.0 8.0 8.0 8.0 8.0 8.0 2.0 8.0 8.0 1.0)
(train 3)
;; starting epoch 0
;; {:epoch 0, :metric [accuracy 0.83295]}
;; starting epoch 1
;; {:epoch 1, :metric [accuracy 0.9371333]}
;; starting epoch 2
;; {:epoch 2, :metric [accuracy 0.9547667]}
;;; after training
(def preds (m/predict-batch model {:data test-images} ))
(->> preds
(take 10))
;=> (6.0 1.0 0.0 0.0 3.0 1.0 4.0 8.0 0.0 9.0)
;;; save model
(m/save-checkpoint model {:prefix "model/discriminator"
:epoch 2})