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This repo holds slides from the Clojure/West 2012 conference. All slides are copyright the speaker and unless otherwise specified by the author, all rights are reserved by the author. Links to video will be added as they are released.


Alex Miller

Speakers: if you submit a pull request to add slides, here is an example of how to update this file and a preferred way to name the slides:


  • The Datomic Architecture and Data Model - Rich Hickey
  • Engineering(,) A Path to Science: "I don’t want to die in a language I can’t understand" - Richard Gabriel
  • Why Prismatic Goes Faster with Clojure - Bradford Cross
  • Evident Code, at Scale




  • Scalable Realtime Computation with Storm's Clojure DSL - Nathan Marz
  • Distilling Java Libraries - Zach Tellman
  • Clojure, JRuby on Rails, and You - Allen Rohner
  • Distributed Apps: The Joys of Testing and Debugging - Chris Houser
  • SOLID Clojure - Colin Jones
  • Real World Cascalog: Past, Present, Future - Federico Brubacher
  • Real World Clojure - Doing Boring Stuff With An Exciting Language - Sean Corfield
  • Composing Statistical Graphics On the Web - Kevin Lynagh
  • Swarm Coding - Phil Hagelberg
  • Crunching Numbers With Clojure - Daniel Solano Gomez
  • Beyond Ninjas: DOM manipulation with ClojureScript and Domina - Luke VanderHart
  • DSLs in Clojure - Jim Duey
  • Building Libraries for ClojureScript - Learning to Love Google Closure - Creighton Kirkendall
  • ClojureScript Anatomy - Michael Fogus
  • Practical core.logic - Ryan Senior
  • Laziness: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly - Paul Stadig