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Dichotmous Key

This is a small CoffeScript/ JavaScript library implementing a Dichotmous Key for fossils.

Setup instructions

  • Ruby 1.9
  • bundle install
  • guard (to automatically compile CoffeeScript)
  • rake jasmine
  • http://localhost:8888/ to run the tests


The fossil key is referenced by


An example of a key pair of statements is :

[ { key_pair: 1, statement: "The fossil resembles a modern day seashell", next_statement_pair: 2 },
{ key_pair: 1, statement: "The fossil does not resembles a modern day seashell", next_statement_pair: 8 }]

To get the start of the finder


To get the next statement pair or final answer based on the text chosen:

fossil_key.choose_statment ("The fossil resembles a modern day seashell")

It will return either the next key pair of statements or the final specimen:

{ name: "Dunbarella PELECYPOD", photo_image: "test_photo_image" , drawing_image: "test_drawing_image" , description: "This is a test description" }
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