This is emacs configuration we use for Pairing at EdgeCase
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EdgeCase Emacs Config

You should give it a try.


This config is built primarily to work on top of the OS X version of Emacs. Be sure to download version 24 or greater.


  1. git clone git://
  2. cd emacs-config
  3. rake
  4. Open emacs with your app launcher of choice. You should see emacs downloading and compiling the defined packages.

We have leveraged Phil Hagelberg's emacs-starter-kit which uses Marmalade for downloading common emacs packages.


Emacs works especially well when wanting user-specific configurations.

Simply place customization files to the folder ~/.emacs.d/<username>. Where <username> is the whoami or logname of the currently logged in user.

  • Any file with a .el extension in that folder will be loaded when running emacs.

We suggest creating your own repository of .el files and symlinking them to the folder ~/.emacs.d/<username>.



C-x C-+ => increase font size

C-x C-+ => decrease font size

C-x + => balance windows

Dired Mode

Think of it as "directory edit" mode.

C-x d => dired mode

  • C-x C-q => edit filename inline
  • C-c C-c => commit changes


C-c C-j => clojure-jack-in

C-c f => find-file-in-project

Version Control

C-x v = => diff

C-x v u => undo local changes

C-x v l => view commit log

C-x v i => include in repository (git add <file>)

C-c g => MAGIT status

  • <tab> => view diff
  • s => stage changes
  • u => unstage changes
  • c => commit buffer
  • C-c C-c => commit changes
  • C-c C-a => amend changes
  • P => push
  • F => pull
  • b => change branch
  • B => new branch
  • g => refresh status buffer