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Examples for Accessing Jena API through JRuby
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JRuby - Jena Semantic Web Examples

These are some examples in JRuby following along the examples given in the in Jena API Docs.

  • example_1.rb: Tutorial 1 - Creating a Simple Model
  • example_2.rb: Tutorial 2 - Resources as property values
  • example_3.rb: Tutorial 3 - Statement attribute accessor methods
  • example_4.rb: Tutorial 4 - Create a model and write it in XML form to standard out
  • example_5.rb: Tutorial 5 - Read RDF XML from a file and write it to standard out
  • example_6.rb: Tutorial 6 - Navigating a model
  • example_7.rb: Tutorial 7 - Selecting the VCARD resources
  • example_8.rb: Tutorial 8 - Demonstrate Selector methods
  • example_9.rb: Tutorial 9 - Demonstrate graph operations
  • example_10.rb: Tutorial 10 - Demonstrate a container
  • example_11.rb: Tutorial 11 - More on literals

Also examples of querying DBPedia

  • query_dbpedia_example.rb : German Musicians with a birth place of Berlin
  • query_dbpedia_geo_example.rb: Places nearby the White House
  • query_dbpedia_example2.rb: Musical Artist Sopranos with the hometown as the US


Run the examples with jruby

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