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Beginner Katas Project Setup Using Midje
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Yellow Belt Clojure Katas

This is a template for beginner level Clojure Katas done with tests in midje. The katas were taken more or less from the (now vanished) Coding Kata site (

Once you've mastered these simple kata, check out the Pragmatic Programmers Kata.

Setup instructions

  • Download and install leiningen.
  • Clone the project and change to the project directory.
  • Run lein midje. You should see all the tests run with "WORK TO DO".
  • Choose a kata. The shell source code with instructions is in the src/clojure_katas directory. The tests are in the same files.
  • To enable tests for a kata replace future-facts with facts or future-fact with fact.
  • Run lein midje again. You should have failing tests now.
  • Fix the the code and run the tests!

If you have any problem setting up the project, please let me know.


Being a beginner myself, there might be mistakes or something I missed. As always, feedback is welcome.

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