Beginner Katas Project Setup Using rpsec-given
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Yellow Belt Ruby Katas

This is template for beginner level Ruby Katas done with tests in rspec-given. The katas are taken more or less from the Coding Kata site.

The idea for putting this out as git-hub project is that as a new Ruby learner, I wanted to explore using rspec-given with some small katas. I was also inspired by Jim Weirich's gilded rose kata. I really liked having the test template set up for me. I wanted to translate this to a set of smaller beginner katas.

Of course, being a beginner, I had some pain in getting everything in my project setup and working for the first couple katas, but after I got my feet wet everything became quite enjoyable and was a lot of fun. My hope is having the tests and a project all ready set up will take the initial pain out of it for people and leave all the fun.

Setup instructions

I am assuming that you have Ruby 1.9 setup on your system:

  • Run 'bundle install' in the project directory, to install all prerequisite gem files.
  • Run 'rake' in the project directory. You should see all the tests for the katas run as pending
  • Choose a kata. The shell source code with instructions is in the lib directory and the test is in the spec directory.
  • Delete the line that says before { pending }
  • Run rake again. You should have failing tests now
  • Fix the the code and run the tests!

If you have any problem setting up the project, please let me know.

Git Branches

I do have a solution branch with my solutions in them - branch named solutions. There are also quite a number of solutions on the Coding Kata site. I found it fun to browse them and see how other people solved them after I had finished mine.


Being a beginner myself, there might be mistakes or something I missed. As always, feedback is welcome.


Special thanks to Doug Alcorn, who helped me setup my project to run the rspec tests through emacs. If you are interested in emacs, I would recommend the rspec-mode. Doug also has a cool ruby-conf.el