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CustomKeyboardTextField provides easy way to make TextField with custom keyboards.

This library is under development so interfaces might change.


Demo application is available on


Simple Picker

import CustomKeyboardTextField

struct SimplePickerKeyboardDataSource: UIPickerViewKeyboardDataSource {
    let elements = ["Bulbasaur", "Charmander", "Squirtle"]

typealias SimplePickerTextField = PickerKeyboardTextField<SimplePickerKeyboardDataSource>

let pickerTextField = SimplePickerTextField()

If you'd like to change input text, override inputText(for row: Int).

You can also implement rich picker views. See sample implementation for detail.

Date Picker

import CustomKeyboardTextField

struct  DatePickerKeyboardDataSource: UIDatePickerKeyboardDataSource {
    let datePickerMode: UIDatePickerMode = .Date
    let timeFormat: String = "yyyy/MM/dd"
typealias DatePickerTextField = UIDatePickerKeyboardTextField<DatePickerKeyboardDataSource>

You can configure some parameters in UIDatePickerKeyboardDataSource.

Custom Keyboard

You can implement own custom keyboard easily.

1. Implement the custom keyboard view

// Your custom view
class MyCustomKeyboardView: UIView, CustomKeyboardView {
    weak var textField: UITextField?

    // current input text
    var inputText: String = "input text"
    // do something when keyboards are restored to default (optional)
    func reset() {

You can put some controls on your keyboard (button, switch, text fields etc...). When these are interacted, you execute updateTextField() then inputText is reflected in the text field.

2. Define CustomKeyboardProvider

struct MyKeyboardProvider: CustomKeyboardProvider {
    weak var textField: UITextField!

    init(with textField: UITextField) {
        self.textField = textField

    func inputView(with textField: UITextField) -> CustomKeyboardView? {
        // Return keyboard view
        let myKeyboardView = MyCustomKeyboardView()
        myKeyboardView.textField = textField
        return myKeyboardView

    func inputAccessoryView(with textField: UITextField) -> CustomKeyboardAccessoryView? {
        // Return CustomKeyboardAccessoryView or nil
        // ToolbarKeyboardAccessoryView is built-in
        // Of cource, you can implement your own toolbars
        // CustomKeyboardAccessoryView has same interface with CustomKeyboardView
        let accessoryView = ToolbarKeyboardAccessoryView(with: textField)
        return accessoryView

3. Define CustomKeyboardTextField

typealias MyKeyboardTextField = CustomKeyboardTextField<MyKeyboardProvider>

See sample implementation for detail.



github "giginet/CustomKeyboardTextField"



pod "CustomKeyboardTextField"


  • iOS 8 or above
  • Swift 3.0


giginet <>


MIT License