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Organize your development environment
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Organize your development environment when you are using tmux & vim for software development


  1. git
  2. tmux
  3. vim


  1. git clone
  2. ln -s worktree/bin/worktree ~/.bin/worktree
  3. configure your shell to make ~/.bin folder be available in $PATH
  4. prepare your existing repo

Prepare your repo

Let's assume you have a git repo (at master branch) by path ~/projects/YOUR_REPO_NAME/.git. Then you have to have the next folder structure ~/projects/YOUR_REPO_NAME/master/.git.


To create a new worktree folder go to ~/projects/YOUR_REPO_NAME & run command worktree new new-feature.

  1. Worktree will create a new folder (new-feature) inside ~/projects/YOUR_REPO_NAME (following git worktree feature).
  2. Copy nessessary development config files.
  3. If you are using Rails then worktree will ask you about creation of clone of your development database (if master/config/database.yml exists).
  4. Run tmux inside of ~/projects/YOUR_REPO_NAME/new-feature along with VIM


The file should be present in ~/projects/YOUR_REPO_NAME folder. This is a plain text file with list of files which should be copyied to the new worktree folder. Example:

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