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Notification System for Moodle
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Motify - Notification System for Moodle


Version 0

Motify project was proposed by Kesara for ACES Hackathon 2016. This desktop app was written in JAVA to enable its use on both Linux and Windows systems. This was before moodle released its Desktop app. The app exploited a bug in moodle sites where the authentication token doesnt expire to connect the application to online content! This was a quick hack for the hackathon timeline. Kesara managed the team which consisted of Hasindu, Udaree, Kalana, Rangana, Indika, Chandima and Gihan . Hasindu and Udaree handled product design. Rangana and Kalana were in charge of marketting. Chandima wrote code for the frontend while Gihan wrote the backend. Indika contributed to all aspects.

The team (suprisingly) won the "Best Software Project" award at the hackathon and Kesara won the award for "The Most Popular Idea".

Version 1

Version 1 was developed by Chandima for Saucecode Labs.

Version 2

Version 2 was developed by Chandima for Saucecode Labs.


The project was discontinued after Moodle released their own Desktop app.


The application (Version 0) itself is very primitive. But there is a bigger significance for this project.

This was the first hackathon competition for most of the people in this group!

Kesara kept coming up with ideas, proposing them and managing teams to create amazing products!

Rangana's marketting/presenting skills let him win many events including the best presenter awards!

Chandima has his own software development lab!

Gihan never wrote code for any software development project after this!!

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