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A Pusher module for React Native
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Implementing the Pusher Realtime API for Android and iOS.

Installation Android

yarn add react-native-realtime-pusher

In settings.gradle add the following lines:

include ':Pusher'
project(':Pusher').projectDir = new File(rootProject.projectDir, '../node_modules/react-native-realtime-pusher/android')

In build.gradle add the following line:

compile project(':Pusher')

In add the following lines:

import com.gijoehosaphat.pusher.PusherPackage;
new PusherPackage()

Example usage:

import Pusher from 'react-native-realtime-pusher'
// These values determined by *your* setup on *your* backend.
// hostname ~=
// authPath ~= /auth
// channelPath ~= /channel
Pusher.initialize(hostname, authPath, channelPath, appKey, cluster, token) //This is a Promise
//Connect (There is also disconnect)
Pusher.connect() //This is a Promise
//Subscribe to a channel (There is also channelUnsubscribe)
Pusher.channelSubscribe(channel, channelEventName) //This is a Promise
//Send a message
Pusher.messagePost(messageObject, channelName, channelEvent) //This is a promise
//You will want to listen for events:
componentDidMount() {
  DeviceEventEmitter.addListener('pusher-event', this.yourEventHandler)
componentWillUnmount() {
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