Visual Exploration Tool for Personal Analysis
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Visual Exploration of Personal Mobility Data


##About VisualMobility is a visual exploration tool for multi-modal personal mobility information that provides a flexible filtering interface and contextual visualizations that try to extract meaningful mobility patterns.

As part of my Masters' Thesis I developed this prototype. This was my first real experience with HTML5, CSS and JavaScript so of course there are lots of code optimizations to be done. This project was just the tip of the iceberg for personal mobility exploration tools and I hope to add future developments for more flexibility and integration with other tools and data sources.

Check out the live demo here: (Chrome only)

##Visualizations ###Map View Leaflet Map with SVG Overlays Map

Leaflet Map with Heatmap.js Canvas Overlay Heatmap

###Scatter Plot NVD3 Scatter highlighting patterns along Hour of Day Screenshot

NVD3 Scatter highlighting patterns along Time Screenshot

###Chord Diagram D3 Chord Diagrama crossing Location Relationships Screenshot

##Scented Filters RaphaelJS Slider Controller


RaphaelJS Toggle Controller


RaphaelJS Tag List with Autocomplete



##Future Work

  • Crossfilter integration
  • Torque integration
  • Remove RaphaelJS dependency on the Sidepanel. Change to D3+Crossfilter
  • Better Data Collection tools
  • More visualizations
  • More server side processing algorithms
  • Authentication integration with CartoDB
  • Extend Server API to support filter and settings management
  • Support for Safari and Firefox
  • UI and code Optimization