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Autocomplete (word completeion) function predicts word user intended to type in the search box.

Autocomplete takes a dictionary of weighted words and produces a list of suggestions for user's query.

The results on cities database:

query       suggestions
Lis Agne    Los Angeles, Los Angelitos, Les Agnels, Les Agneliers, Les Agneliers Bas
nw yr       New York, Nwoya, Nweyon, Na Yan, Nwarem
cpenh       Copenhagen, Cepni, Spencer, Cienega, Cuenha

Autocomplete is implemented in C++. Use it as follows:

TAutocomplete ac;
ac.load("cities.txt");                 // load dictionary once
vector<string> suggestions;            // autocomplete suggestions

ac.autocomplete("cpenh", suggestions); // find suggestions for input
                                       // query "cpenh"; max number
                                       // of sugegstions (default 5)
                                       // can be set as the last
                                       // parameter of the method`

See also:

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