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Bender is a Web application framework consisting of a markup language for application and component description, a Javascript runtime engine for Web browsers and SVG players, and a library of Javascript support code and predefined components.
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Bender; or, a Web application framework.
Copyright © 2011, IGEL Co., Ltd. (

Install and run Bender

  To install Bender, simply make the contents of this directory accessible
  through a Web server. Then, let $BENDER_HOME be the URL of this directory.
  (Note: you may also run Bender from the file system with Webkit/Safari, but
  this will cause security exceptions in other browsers.)

  To view the documentation, point your browser to $BENDER_HOME. You can run
  Bender applications by pointing your browser to


  where $RELATIVE_PATH is the path to your application description file
  relative to this directory. Your file must have a .xml extension, and the
  extension is *NOT* included in the $RELATIVE_PATH. For example, if you add a
  new application `foo.xml` to the apps directory, then $RELATIVE_PATH will be
  apps/foo.xml. See the documentation for some examples.

  For more debug info, you can set the debug flag to true. This will show a
  status indicator and an error message when something goes wrong (and in the
  future filter out debug messages from the console.)


  You can also use a pure SVG launcher at:


  For more information, please refer to the documentation (in progress) at:


Release Notes

  This is a very early release of Bender (v0.2.0, 2011-10-23) and as such is
  more of a sneak preview than an actual release. Thank you for your interest!
  Bender is free software, released under the Apache License v2.0 (see included
  LICENSE file.) Please contact for comments, questions, etc.

  Changes in v0.2.0 (2011-10-23)

    * Distinguishing between view and controller ids
    * Removed patterns in attributes
    * Removed <connect> element
    * <bind> element for component values

  Changes in v0.1.3 (2011-10-14)

    * Bender has its own repository
    * Apps has a list of arguments
    * Slideshow app (apps/slideshow/sample.xml)
    * Changed event_name in event to type (as in DOM)
    * Added forward_event method to controllers
    * Handling of CDATA sections as text

  Changes in v0.1.2 (2011-10-12)

    * ARIA role for button component
    * Boolean values for attributes (b namespace in addition to e and f)
    * Reset logging messages; TODO: debug messages with configurable level
    * Checkbox component (lib/check.xml)
    * Dynamically update the rendered component when setting bound attributes
      (core/tests/set-attribute) TODO: better binding; text element?
    * Renamed root-view to simply view; app-controller to controller (with no
      id) TODO: update all examples and tests
    * LED component (lib/led.xml)
    * Help metadata element (not rendered yet)
    * Integer component (lib/integer.xml)

  Changes in v0.1.1 (2011-10-05)

    * @rendered event implemented correctly (core/tests/ready.xml)
    * parameters for components (core/tests/component-parameters.xml)
    * debug parameter for HTML runtime (set debug=true)
    * keyboard input and tabindex parameter for buttons

  Initial "release" was v0.1.0 (2011-09-29)
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