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import better_exchook
# Do this early to do some option parsing and maybe special handling.
import appinfo
# This might do some init which might be important to be done in the main thread.
import utils
from State import state, modules
import sys
if __name__ == '__main__':
import stdinconsole
import gui
# This will overtake the main loop and raise SystemExit at its end.
except NotImplementedError:
print "GUI not implemented"
except SystemExit:
for m in modules: m.start()
# Note on quit behavior: Simply iterating state.updates
# and waiting for its end does not work because we would
# not interrupt on signals, e.g. KeyboardInterrupt.
# It is also not possible (in general) to catch
# signals from other threads, thus we have to do it here.
# time.sleep() is a good way to wait for signals.
# However, we use stdinconsole.readNextInput() because
# there is simply no way to have in another thread
# and to be able to interrupt that from here (the main thread).
# In other threads: thread.interrupt_main() does not work
# for time.sleep() (or at least it will not interrupt the sleep).
# os.kill(0, signal.SIGINT) works, though.
# To interrupt/stop all threads:
# signal.set_wakeup_fd(sys.stdin.fileno()) also does not really
# work to interrupt the stdin thread, probably because stdin is
# not non-blocking.
# Every thread must only wait on a OnRequestQueue which registers
# itself in its thread. We cancelAll() here already the main queue
# (state.updates) and in Module.stop(), we also cancel any custom
# queue.
while True:
try: stdinconsole.readNextInput() # wait for KeyboardInterrupt
except BaseException, e:
state.updates.put((e, (), {}))
for m in modules: m.stop()