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from utils import *
except NameError:
# This is fixed. In case we add some, we have to restart.
class PlayerEventCallbacks:
onSongChange = None
onSongFinished = None
onPlayingStateChange = None
def songs(state):
if state.curSong:
# We just started the player and we have a current song from persistent storage.
# Yield it now so that we begin playing with this song.
# Yield the Song object itself, though, not the ObjectProxy. The ObjectProxy
# would result in very strange behavior later for onSongChange events.
song = state.curSong.__get__(None)
assert song
yield song
import queue
while True:
song = queue.getNextSong()
assert song
yield song
# This is an special extra callback.
# This is called very first. We do this so that
# we always have state.curSong right.
def onSongChange(**kwargs):
from State import state
state.curSong = kwargs["newSong"]
def loadPlayer(state):
import ffmpeg
player = ffmpeg.createPlayer()
for e in [m for m in dir(PlayerEventCallbacks) if not m.startswith("_")]:
cb = EventCallback(targetQueue=state.updates, name=e)
if e == "onSongChange":
cb.extraCall = onSongChange
setattr(PlayerEventCallbacks, e, cb)
setattr(player, e, cb)
player.queue = songs(state)
player.volume = state.volume
return player
def playerMain():
from State import state
#state.player.playing = True
for ev,args,kwargs in
if ev is PlayerEventCallbacks.onSongChange:
oldSong = kwargs["oldSong"]
if oldSong:
if kwargs["skipped"]: oldSong.skipped = True
pass # onPlayingStateChange