Music player - endlessly plays your music
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Music player

First, if you wonder about what is supposed to be a music player or what makes a music player different from a simple media player, read this: What is a music player

Annoyed by all existing players because some subset of:

  • not open source
  • missing sound format (FLAC, Ogg, ...)
  • bugs (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, ...)
  • missing output possibility (RAOP, PulseAudio, ...)
  • no or too limited DJ mode
  • no library / database

Features of this player:

  • open source
  • simple
  • support of most important sound formats
  • advanced intelligent DJ mode
  • simple music database
  • ReplayGain / audio volume normalization
  • AcoustID fingerprint

MusicPlayer screenshot

About the DJ mode, what I want (maybe some of these somewhat configurable):

  • continuously always add songs
  • liked songs more often
  • context-based choices, e.g. related songs more likely
  • possibility to easily manually add songs to the list
  • easy way to restrict to a subset of songs (like a genre, a playlist, a filesystem directory, etc.)

About the database:

  • main function: search
  • should be fast and optional for playback, i.e. music can be played even when the database is currently not ready for some reason
  • file-entries located on the local filesystem which don't exist anymore should automatically be deleted
  • file-entries located on a network filesystem which is not mounted should be marked as currently-not-available
  • file-entries located on a network filesystem which is mounted which don't exist anymore should automatically be deleted
  • should automatically be filled by a filesystem directory
  • import like-state from local players like iTunes and also online services like

TODO / possible additional missing features:

  • Gapless playback. I think ffmpeg provides some way to get the exact specified start/end of a song. Otherwise this is just a question of buffering.
  • BPM determination and clever DJ-like fading
  • or similar song determination (mostly for metadata, esp. if missing)
  • use tags given by (mostly more tags)
  • streaming support
  • watch music directory for changes (e.g. new files added)


So far, there is a prebuild MacOSX app bundle in the download section which should just work. Otherwise, to get the source working, you need these requirements (e.g. install on MacOSX via Homebrew):

  • ffmpeg
  • portaudio
  • chromaprint

(Debian/Ubuntu: apt-get install python-dev libsnappy-dev libtool yasm libchromaprint-dev portaudio19-dev. FFmpeg in Debian/Ubuntu is too old (lacks libswresample), so either do add-apt-repository ppa:jon-severinsson/ffmpeg && apt-get update && apt-get install libavformat-dev libswresample-dev or install it from source. Chromaprint depends on FFmpeg, so if you have a custom FFmpeg install, you might also want to install that manually. ./configure && make && sudo make install should work for FFmpeg and PortAudio. You might also want to use --enable-shared for FFmpeg. cmake . && sudo make install for Chromaprint.)

Then call ./ to build the Python modules (it will build the Python modules and

To start the player, just call ./

The current GUI is Cocoa only. Additional Qt support is planned. The music player also works without any GUI.