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Elastic, minimalist and read-only Reddit client.
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A minimalist, elastic and read-only Reddit web app client, that lets you create custom 'Channels' with up to 3 subreddits each.

  • Minimalist

    While aiming for simplicity, Reeddit cares to show you only the most important information from the posts and comments. No upvotes or points.

  • Elastic

    Reeddit has 3 different elastic layouts - you can use it on any window size. So it's comfortable to use on a smartphone, tablet or desktop.

  • Read-only

    Being a personal side-project of mine, Reeddit can be used for browsing subreddits and viewing links/post and its comments, but not for voting or commenting... for now ;) -- However, the subreddits and channels you add are saved locally, so you don't lose any of that data.

  • Channels

    You can group up to 3 subreddits into a Channel, so you can browse their links in a single view, instead of having to browse each one separately. This is specially useful when you add subject-related subreddits.

For screenshots and additional info, visit Reeddit's presentation page.


To build Reeddit, I used this awesome resources:

  • Zepto.js -- basically, jQuery for modern browsers. Lighter, and with various useful tools for mobile sites and apps.
  • Tappable -- Great 'tap' events handler.
  • pagedown -- Client-side Markdown-to-HTML conversion.
  • Mustache.js -- Lightweigth client-side templating.
  • reziseend.js -- Better 'resize' handler.
  • Iconmonstr -- Awesome icons.


For now, Reeddit works properly on recent versions of Webkit-based browsers (Chrome and Safari, desktop and mobile) - it's been tested on iOS 5+ (iPhone and iPad) and Android 4+.

I used the flexbox module for layout, and Firefox's implementation is kinda wonky. Besides that, it works good on FF.

My original intention was to create an iOS 5-optimized mobile webapp - I wanted to try the then-introduced -webkit-overflow-scrolling: touch property, that allows native touch scrolling for content with overflow.

On the Desktop, Reeddit is great as an Application Shortcut on Google Chrome, or as a Mac app, with Fluid. :D

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