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# Release 1.2.0 (Rashomon) #
## Changes ##
This is the first release of the product. It includes:
* JSON data model and immediate consistency support
* Distributed joins, subqueries, aggregation, atomic updates
* Hadoop-style map/reduce
* Friendly web and command-line administration tools
* Takes care of machine failures and network interrupts
* Multi-datacenter replication and failover
* Sharding and replication to multiple nodes
* Queries are automatically parallelized and distributed
* Lock-free operation via MVCC concurrency
## Limitations ##
There are a number of technical limitations that aren't baked into the
architecture, but were not resolved in this release due to time
pressure. They will be resolved in subsequent releases.
* Write requests have minimal batching in memory and are flushed to
disk on every write. This significantly limits write performance,
expecially on rotational disks.
* Range commands currently don't use an index.
* The clustering system has a bottleneck in cluster metadata
propagation. Cluster management slows down significantly when more
than sixteen shards are used.
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